Local Merchants---
Get exposure on Wakefield Channel 3
Tune in to the Sponsors Channel below for examples how we have helped local businesses.

Get your business more exposure on local TV at very low cost.

Reach all (approximately 2500) cable subscribers in Wakefield with your message !

Here's how it works: ClearView TV Services creates videos for Wakefield Community Television, our local channel 3.
These shows are usually local government meetings and public community events. Each show airs at least 4 times a week. More content is being added each week.

We can create a PSA (public service announcement) about any local business which is placed at the beginning of the program.This is commonly called sponsoring a show, similar to what  is commonly seen on PBS. It is consistent with ClearView policy.

For a charge of $100 your sponsorship ad will be attached to a program for one month. The program will be played at least 4 times per week (usually more). We do not charge the town and it does not charge to air any content. You are not paying the town to play your ad. You are sponsoring a show to help with the production costs of the program. Your "public service announcement (PSA)" will run over 16 times.

Since this is a non commercial TV channel, there are some rules for non-commercial advertisements

No Special Prices - reduced cost, sales, special deals.
No calls to action - buy now, sale ends Friday, etc.
No comparison phrases - best in town, better than specific competitor, only place to go, etc.
Should be Informational - the message should be given as information to benefit the public.
If you want to sponsor the production of a show with your PSA attached , just e-mail us at contactus@clearviewtv3.com

You can sponsor as many or as few shows as you like with no further obligation or contract.
This would get your business on WCTV channel 3 for 1 program, aired at least 4 times, per week for 4 weeks. Remember that each show will air many times for the one price you pay.